Purpose Built High Performance Networks


in Mobile”


Mobility, security and constant changes are elements to which the organization has to adapt to prevail.

A network that performs in these and removes the administrative burden of its operation, is a key tool to provide means of connectivity that seem transparent but at the same time are agile, secure, and robust to the rest of IT elements to which such network underlies.

Create networks that evolve, mutate and end up adapting in a secure way to the new challenges demanded from them, is our main goal in this aspect of what we do.


Integrity, Confidentiality and Availability

“The secret of success in business is in detecting where the world will go and getting there first”


The triad of essential factors of information security is Integrity, Confidentiality and Availability, require more than a perimeter approach. Internal and external threats require that IT resources can be accessed in the appropriate manner and time, by the allowed actors. COREBIT has a range of solutions to solve relevant challenges around these issues.



LAN Mapping:

  • Its goal is to create a map of the LAN network by sweeping it elements and deliver a current topology with recommended actions about architecture and performance.


WiFi Survey:

  • This task involves the creation of a heat map for the WiFi and radiation patterns are discovered. Observations about interference, channels and architecture are provided.

Link usage validation:

  • Allows to gather information about usage, patterns, clients, apps and user experience on internet links, besides delivering a set of recommendations on policies and behaviors.


APP and UCC performance Analysis:

  • Using smart insertion points, it’s possible to analyze each transaction on a multilayer app or UCC environment. This analysis allows to know the app responsiveness that surround slowness and quality degradation beyond infrastructure status.
  • These results and be delivered as a one-time snapshot or as a continued service.


Operational Continuity and Monitoring

Precise and Timely information for a better decision making

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”


The information about status, health and performance of each layer and element of a service, can be an overwhelming amount of data for the people in change of giving it meaning.

At the same time, we try to create order from the chaos of information that is received and we have the commitment of supporting SLAs for the operational continuity of the organization.

For these reasons is that COREBIT provides solutions that organize in an intelligent, agnostic and synoptic way all that information from the varios platform silos, from servers to hypervisors, from operative systems to applications as well as the communication elements that link them.

Creating intelligence for the better decision making from a seemingly disconnected array of information is the mission of our visibility solutions.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Teams always linked and ready

“Come at once if convenient. If inconvenient, come all the same”


Individual work is no longer viable in today’s organizations. Teams collaborate on premises as well as distributed locations, even changing and mobile ones. Our Collaboration solutions allow to group the most common functions such as Voice, Video, Chat, File Sharing, Shared Screens and more. 

It is no longer necessary to perform these tasks with a disconnected tools. Our mission is to achieve team collaboration and be ready at all times to execute their missions with the least disruption possible.

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